How to Prepare a Paper for Publication?

Paper Publication in International Journal

This article will guide you to how to prepare a paper. Know the paper publication process and submit paper for publication

The manuscript should contain the following sections:

  1. Title of the Paper
  2. Abstract
  3. Keywords
  4. Introduction
  5. Literature survey
  6. Methodology/Main work
  7. Results and Discussion
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

Sections 5, 6, 7 are indicative. But can vary depending on the research work.

1. Title of the Paper

The title should be meaningful. For example, “Operation of a robot” is not a proper title. It will be meaningful, if “Design and Implementation of Robot”, “A Study on the Operation of the Robot”, ” An Analysis on the Operation of Robot”

2. Abstract

This section should present an overview of your work. Anyone who reads this should understand what the paper is about.

3. Keywords

Keywords are used to find your paper when someone is working or carrying out research in your area. It can be a research area or topic, or a methodology used in the paper For example if the paper is on the Controlling of robots using IoT, then IoT can be a keyword.

4. Introduction

In this section, an overview of the topic, in general, can be presented.

5. Literature Survey

A literature survey is the study of research papers published in the area of the author’s research.  This section is not mandatory, but it is advisable to include it if you have done any literature survey to carry out the research work.

5. Methodology/Mainwork

This section may include the work you have carried with its details.

5. Results and Discussion

This section should include the results and explain the analysis or the observations made on the results.

6. Conclusion

This section should include your key observations on the work and what you have concluded from them.

7. References

This section includes a citation of resources, which are used in the process of doing your research. The authors should include the paper details of the literature survey, websites, textbooks, thesis, etc.

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After Manuscript Preparation

  • After the paper is ready, read the paper publication process of the journal.
  • Submit paper for publication
  • After submission of the paper, the author will receive the decision on the manuscript.
  • Once the paper is accepted, complete the post acceptance steps.
  • Your paper will be processed for publication and the author will receive an email with publication details.