Journal Information

ISSN (Online): 2583-3138
Scientific Journal Impact factor: 4.344
Publication Frequency: Monthly
Scope: All academic disciplines subjects
Publication Format: Online

Decision on Submitted Paper: Within 24 hours
Publication Time: 3 Days
Publication Fee: ₹1250 (Indian Nationals), $49 (Other Nationals)
E-Certificates: Issued to all the authors

International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering and Science is online, open access, journal to publish papers in engineering, science, and multidisciplinary areas. The journal offers authors a to share their research with the audience of engineers, scientists, professionals, and other interested people across the globe. This International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering and Science journal is a platform to publish research to anyone working in any area of engineering in academia, industry, or government, including engineers, scientists, consultants, policy-makers, government officials, economists, and corporate organizations. This journal welcomes articles from Engineering, Science, and Multidisciplinary topics.

  • To publish paper in a journal, first you should prepare the paper based on the project/research work carried out.
  • Read the publication process of the journal (Read publication process of IJMDES )
  • Submit paper to the journal
  • Submitted paper will be reviewed. The decision of the paper can be accept/reject/revise
  • Once the paper accepted, you will receive an email with the post acceptance steps.
  • Paper will be processed for publication. You may be notified through email.

Yes. All the authors will receive individual e-certificates.

No. The publication fee includes paper publication (No limit on authors) + e-certificates to all the authors.

Read the Publication Process to publish paper.

Authors can submit paper using the link here (Submit Paper)

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