Paper Publication Process

Step-1: Manuscript Submission

The manuscript can be submitted in any format. (Download manuscript template)

The manuscript should be submitted using the Submit Manuscript submission system.

Step-2: Decision on Submitted Manuscript​

The author will receive an e-mail, regarding the decision on the manuscript.

Step-3: Pay Publication Fee

Once the article is accepted for publication, pay the publication fee of Rs. 1250 (Indian Nationals), $49 (Other Nationals).

Step-4: Final Documents Submission

Submit the accepted version of the manuscript, and copyright form using “Final Submission” system.

Step-5: Article Publication

Once the final documents are submitted, the paper will be published and the corresponding author will receive an email with publication details and ecertificates.

  • Decision on Manuscript
    Within 24 Hours
  • Publication Time
    Within 3 Days
  • E-Certificates
    Issued to all Authors
  • Publication Fee
    ₹1250 (Indian Nationals), $49 (Other Nationals)

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